STRINGY, SOPPY, DRY, FRIZZY. LIMP, GREASY…. These are adjectives for your summer hair. Life is too short to be down and out due to boring hair.Try these amazing and trendy hair looks this summer.

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The blunt cut is all time favorite That suits women of all age groups. Leave your tresses a few inches above the shoulder and it could even be the ideal cut to complement the length of your face.Whats more is it is easy to maintain.

This is highly recommended style for those who are planning  on cutting their hair short for the first time. It is also known as ‘The Bell Bob’, owing to it resembling the shape of a bell.


Moving on to an extension of blunt cut is the classic bob. A shorter version gives you the definition to your jawline as well as the back of your head. Bobs looks great on  curly, wavy as well as straight hair. Moreover cropped hair gives an illusion of added height.

Bobs look great on oblong and oval face shapes.


These can be worn in different ways giving you a much younger and naive look. It’s simple one with hair parted in two equal halves and worn loosely in rubber bands. You can accessories the ponies with flowers or ribbon to enhance the effect of summer look. Pigtails can also be braided into high pony pigtails or even loose , fishtail braids. Go for an extra appeal by curling your hair with a curling iron.

Pigtails may not complement a round or plum face-type as they do a square or oval face.

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The low ponytail is yet another classic when it comes to haircuts. And what make it so is that, it suits all face types. It can be worn with middle or deep side parting, and blends both the day time casual and night time party looks.

For the day look, maintain a ponytail that looks soft, wavy and natural on the other hand for an evening outfit, tie the ponytail sleek, elegant and tight in an elastic band.

Low ponytails can be sported best in medium to long length hair.

DEEP SIDEDsidepartedlonghair

If a quick transformation is all you seek, change the parting of your hair. A middle or side parting adds extra oomph to a well defined jawline, the side parting being largely preferred over the centre parting. To make heads turn especially  on special occasions, go for a deep side parting.

A side parting is like an instant makeover,which can make you look younger and add to the illusion of volume at the crown.

IN A TWISTtwist-braid-style

Whether it is at the college campus or the red carpet, twisted braids are quite the trend setter.There are differnt kind of teisted braids, some of which include rope- braids, milkmaid- braids, and twisted side braids. These can be worn to give a messy, wispy look or even a pushed back tight, elegant look.

Braids are the easiest way to keep your hair in place. In fact, a twisted braid can help  camouflage a bad hair day, something that most women struggle with everyday.

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