With the temperature soaring, it is important that we be odour-free and smell as pleasant as possible. Fragrances that are subtle and that elevate your mood are perfect for the season. From hitting the beach to going to night club, there are specific fragrances for each occasion.

Choosing the right perfume is not an easy task, but it would be easier if you realize that there are basically five types of fragrances – the floral, woody, oriental, gourmand and citrus. Since it is now believed that wearing a perfume is more mood based than about being a certain personality type, it is now safe to assume that you can choose a perfume in accordance to the way you are feeling on a certain day. Florals are best when you want to feel totally feminine, while the more masculine citrus notes are good for days when you are in a playful mood. Women choose to wear oriental perfumes when they want to feel mysterious and woody fragrances are reserved for days when they want to remember someone special. Gourmand fragrances, which are basically scents with edible qualities, are used when people feel deeply nostalgic.

Tips to choose the right perfume this summer…

*Go for the lighter version the perfume that you normally use. Make sure to check with the salesman if the perfume is categorised as ‘eau fresh’, which means it is lighter.

* When you are looking for summer-ready fragrances, citrus or wood-based perfumes are good options. Citrus-based perfumes are breezier, while wood-based perfumes like sandalwood, smell better, last longer, and also keeps you cool.

* Make sure you try the perfume outside the store. When you try a perfume inside a store, you don’t really get the real smell of the perfume. Try the perfume outside the mall or store, so you know how it smells when the air conditioner is off.

*Choose between floral and beach-inspired fragrances. When it comes to floral ones, there are several ones you can pick — roses, daises, jasmine… Ocean-inspired perfumes on the other hand, are airy and cool. When a perfume has aquatic influences, you are bound to smell fresh all day long.

*You could also try single-note perfumes that last longer and don’t get pungent due to the hot weather. Go for scenes like lavender or jasmine, that are powerful, but perfect for the summer.

*You could also try fruit-inspired scents like grapefruit, strawberry and lime — they are both crisp and soothing.

*Spend some time deciding on the right fragrance. Don’t try the tester, and buy a bottle of perfume immediately. Spray the perfume on your wrist and walk around a bit, or finish the rest of your shopping. If you still like the smell after four to five minutes, then go ahead with the purchase.

*Avoid changing brands. If you are used to a specific brand, simply stick to that.

What to wear and where

With the temperature at such a high, you need to have a lighter fragrance as anything heavy and intense will leave you with a headache. Here’s what to splash on…

  • To the office:We suggest lime blossom to smell fresh and invigorating all day. Vanilla notes are pleasant, too.
  • For the beach:Choose a coconut bath splash or one with mint.
  • Date at the coffee shop:Dab on a citrusy fragrance or something with sweet almond, rose or bergamot.
  • Out for a date in the park?You might want to try perfume with pine notes, cedarwood, oak, aromatic patchouli or orange blossoms.
  • After-spa aroma:Choose a mix or florals and watery elements such as green tea, iris and jasmine.
  • Date night:You might want something that’s a tad deeper such as warm floral scents like geranium, mandarin, something peppery or amber.



how to choose best perfume for summer
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how to choose perfume foe summer
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Gucci Flora Garden Collection


Marc Jacobs Rain


CK One Summer
Jo Malone Jo Loves Mandrine
Marc Jacobs daisy

I hope this little guide about perfumes will definitely help you to select a perfect fragrance for you this summer. If you are already using a perfect product then do share with us in the comments below.

Stay happy, Stay beautiful. 🙂

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