When I first started wearing makeup I used to write each step of the “makeup process” down in order to remember how to put it on correctly. As I got used to applying makeup everyday I developed my own routine and no longer needed my makeup to do list. Every time I meet someone who’s new to the wonderful world of makeup… I ALWAYS get the question of “which order do I apply this stuff” and “what do I need for a full application”. Since I can’t go around and write little personalised sticky notes for everyone to put on their mirrors  I decided to write this post for those girls who are always curious to know about the best ways to apply makeup. Here is the formula for flawless foundation..

  • WASH – Always make sure to start off with freshly cleaned skin. Be sure to choose a cleanser that is suitable for your skin.
  • TONE/TREAT – Toner helps to tighten skin for a smoother appearance.
  • MOISTURISE – Moisturising your skin helps for an even makeup application. Avoid drying out your skin and flaky makeup.
  • PRIME – Primer reduces the appearance of pores and act as barrier between your skin and makeup, reducing clogged pores.
  • FOUNDATION – foundation creates a muted base for your makeup application. Evens out skin tone.
  • CONCEAL – Concealer, usually a shade or two lighter than your skin tone, is used to brighten areas on your face and hide blemishes.
  • SET – Setting with a powder helps to keep your makeup in place for longer time. Without setting your makeup can shift throughout the day.
  • CONTOUR – Contouring helps to shape your face. Making some areas (nose, chin,cheekbones) appear smaller or more defined.
  • HIGHLIGHT – Highlighting helps to accentuate high points on your face and attract more light to certain features.
  • BLUSH – Blush is usually applied to add color to your cheekbones.


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