We all know the benefits of drinking water, but we’ll be the first to admit we start craving something with a little more flavor. However, being the busy little bees we are (I know you are too!), we don’t always have time to whip up something extravagant. I experimented with different foods and enhancements that can freshen up the water and provide a powerful boost throughout the day. The best part about these water detox recipes is that they have fabulous cleansing and detoxing properties. Whether you’re trying to cut down on soda, or flush out the toxins, these recipes will definitely please your taste buds!

 Slim Down Detox Watercucumber-tangerine-grapefruit-600x399

This recipe is one of my very own and I absolutely love it! Cucumbers are natural diuretics and will help your body release water. Lemons and limes loosen toxins in your digestive tract and will aid in digestion. Grapefruits are high in enzymes that burn fat. If you’re looking to use this as part of a detox to jumpstart your metabolism and cleanse your body, we recommend trying to drink at least a half jug for three to five days! Combine grape fruit,cucumber, mint leaves, lemon and water in a pitcher. Allow the ingredients to chill in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours before serving.

Watermelon and Mint Water + Cucumber and Lime Waterf298pk3i6snwtnc-medium

Slice up a good amount of watermelon into cubes and all put them into a jug or pitcher. Cut 1 juicy lime into wedges and toss in with the watermelon. Add a handful of fresh, fragrant, mint leaves and pour in 2 liters of cool water, filling the jug all the way to the top. Let this sit overnight in the fridge and let all the yummy flavors steep and infuse the water. When you want to drink it, put in a generous helping of ice cubes, pour, and enjoy daily.

Blood Orange Mint Detox Waterorange-infused-fruit-water

Add half of one blood orange, sliced, plus a handful of mint  to a pitcher. Let sit over night, drink the next day.

Grapefruit Rosemary Detox Waterdetoxyolife4

Add half of a grapefruit and several sprigs of rosemary (I only added a couple of small sprigs the first time and couldn’t really taste the rosemary- so be sure to be generous with the rosemary) to the bottom of a pitcher. Let sit over night. Drink the next day.

Detox Spa Waterfat-flush-detox-water-1024x768

If you’re not a fan of plain water, I would definitely give this detox water a try! The mix of cucumbers, mint and lemon give the water a refreshing and yummy taste that will leave you wanting more, which is great for non-water drinkers! Combine all ingredients in an airtight container and leave to steep overnight in the fridge.

Lemon is a great addition to your water. Adding in a wedge or squeeze of juice to your water will boost your immune system, promotes healthy digestion, and will clean and alkalize the body.


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