As the focal point of most living rooms, there’s an innate pressure to find a type of sofa that satisfies all requirements. Just like a bed, it will be one of the most frequently used pieces of furniture in your home, so it needs to tick all the boxes. But with so many styles of sofa available, how do you choose the right one? The two main factors that need to be considered when shopping for a sofa are form and function, each of which has an impact on the other. Firstly, think about how you use your sofa; do you tend to sprawl out for total relaxation or sit up straight? Will it be used frequently by a lot of people or sparingly as a decorative piece? After deciding your sofa’s purpose, it’s simply a case of eliminating the styles that aren’t suitable, leaving you with the perfect sofa for your home.

Of course, there are many variations on each sofa design – different legs, arms, backs and so forth – but here we focus on the five most common styles of sofa and what they are best for. Is your favourite style amongst them?


Many consider this linear style of sofa to be a modern alternative to the Chesterfield. Smart and sophisticated, a Tuxedo sofa can be identified by the height of the arms, which are the same height as the back of the sofa. This makes it an ideal sofa for reading, and although not specifically designed for relaxation, an abundance of cushions can transform a Tuxedo-style sofa into a very snug seat.

Tuxedo sofas are perfect for a modern living room set up. They look smart and cool.





The perfect choice for the modern home, this completely customisable sofa lends itself to maximum reclining. Whether you choose to opt for an L-shaped corner sofa or a U-shaped configuration, a sectional sofa allows for a bespoke arrangement. Offering the ultimate in flexibility you can combine the separate units, such as arm less sofas, arm less chairs and corner pieces, to fit the layout of the room.





This sofa style is designed for comfort.  Its signature design element is a back comprised of pillows separate from the frame.The reason for this design is to create a softer, more cushioned sofa with large cushions that aren’t taught within the frame of the sofa.

It continues to be a popular sofa design today.  You can buy a Lawson style sofa in many sizes, colors and materials.  In addition to being uber comfortable, you can move the large pillows around for ultimate comfort.




The loveseat sofa is an umbrella term for a sofa made for two people.  They’re often part of a living room set. Like sofas, loveseats come in many styles and designs such as camelback, cabriole, etc.

My favorite use of a loveseat is to create a small sitting area for reading or for some personal time with your loved one.






There’s no need to sacrifice comfort for style with a classic club sofa . A generous rolled back and deep seat cushions make this a sofa to sink down into at the end of a busy day, but the turned legs on castors and gently rounded arms give a nod to tradition.modern-white-English-club-sofa



Hungaria furniture brand Hannabi has Designed a modular sofa aimed at consumers who move frequently or live in small flats.The piece can be split into four parts and modified to serve the function of a single full-height sofa two seating mats or a single bed.

The Urban Nomad sofa is part of Hannabi’s Box Hyperactive system and is made up of two long rectangular cushions, which form the bases, and a pair of triangular supports that can be used as backrests. With its lack of features or legs, the sofa can be easily arranged to form two separate seating area, or stacked into one unit with double the height.Rubber junction allow each piece to fit together and remain stable but also be easily separated again when lifted up.


Another thing that comes to our mind while purchasing sofa is material or fabric. Once you’ve been confronted with the dizzying range of fabric choices, you’ll be able to make a better decision if you know some basic information about the textiles and their pros and cons. Sofa fabric types can be divided into natural fibers, synthetics and leather. With many variations in each category, there’s a sofa fabric to fit everyone’s decorating needs.

The best choices for budget-conscious sofa buyers are cottons, synthetics and blends. Families with pets and active children should look for these fibres in sturdy weaves, such as denim, twill or microfiber. Investment-minded buyers will appreciate quality leather coverings and traditional fibres such as linen, silk and wool.

I hope this article will definitely help you to choose the perfect sofa for your home. Buy and share your sofa design with me.. 🙂







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