Its summer time and I think everyone of you is searching for new holiday destination, and your search will end up with hill station or any beach, but if you want something different from a traditional beachy holiday this summer there is more choice than ever. The latest trend in the holiday world is to take ‘holistic’ break sometimes called a ‘well being’ holiday. This type of holiday include yoga, Pilates, massage therapies, spa etc.Holistic holidays are all about taking care of both ‘body and mind’ and not just about pampering  yourself. If you think these breaks are just for the girls, think again! There’s even beauty treatments for men.

People seeking holidays to beat the stress of modern life, are choosing destinations  that offer an entire wellness experience.  There are many choices for those wanting to escape, there are weekend packages which allow you to detox , enjoying good food or going on a diet, getting in touch with your inner being or reinventing yourself.

YOGA AND SPA HOLIDAYSyoga-retreat_CNT_26aug10_pr_b

Practicing yoga creates harmony between mind and body. Enhance your well-being on yoga and spa holidays. You can learn to quiet your mind with yoga. It helps you slow down your mental loops of frustration, regrets, anger, fear and desire that can cause stress.

Spa treatments include massage, facial and body wraps. A week at a spa will leave you looking and feeling younger.


DETOX AND ANTI-AGEING RETREATSWhich-detox-holiday-is-for-you-600x274

A detox retreat can help give your body a fresh start, renew energy levels , aids weight loss and ultimately prevent diseases by giving your digestion system a break. Thinnest of body will really benefit from a thorough cleanse.

It includes cutting out meat, wheat and dairy products and allow you to live only on pure juices and also provide healthy diet and physical exercise to bring the inner revitalization that will leave  your skin glowing and your body feeling younger.


LIFE COACHING AND CULTURAL HOLIDAYSThe-Big-Stretch-Roise-life-coaching-holidays-by-healthista.com_1

If you want to get back in control of your life, you can improve yourself on a so called life coaching holiday.  Life coaching includes profiling and analysis, building motivation and increasing confidence and self belief. Activities such as water rafting, off road bike, jungle adventure, trekking through the mountains etc are used to built your strength and confidence.

Also visit a nearby temple and return home feeling physically rejuvenated, spiritually enriched and mentally rebalanced.


AYURVEDIC RETREATSb41c15bd5a56b0eb96aab7c927fc5d66

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest health care system used for healing and relaxation. Ayurveda helps patients achieve full body balance and well being. Personal massage, custom made meals, oil therapies and other hand-picked methods of care are used  in these retreats.

Resorts providing ayurvedic retreats are generally located at the outskirts of the city space and lure tourists into its peaceful and quiet edifices.


HOLISTIC HOLIDAY ON CRUISE SHIPSa36275_89909845a45f4a5fb83a6d5bd1948b1a

Holiday at sea voyage brings thousands of like minded people together in a comfy but contained space. Cruise have become ‘floating retreats’  with personalized spa and wellness programs. You start with yoga at sunrise on the deck, move on to Pilates, have vegan meals and end your day with zumba classes. Relax in different destinations, visit unspoilt bays and islands with plenty of time to relax with options to enjoy swimming, sailing and snorkelling in the crystal clear sea.

After reading this you will be curious to know the names of the resorts and places which provide these type of holidays and for this you have to wait for my next post on best holistic holiday resorts and places till then keep reading and posting your comments… 🙂






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