With the arrival of winter, also comes the challenge to stay active. In shorter and colder days, you might be less active, less productive and unmotivated. But at the same time, winter is also best season to improve immunity and fitness. Keeping this in mind many of us have been prepared with workout plans, but like every year most of the plans will end in the warmth of the bed.
Even though we want to stay active and fit in this season but due to cold weather, we keep wondering that how it can be achieved. So here are few tips to keep you active in winter.

1) Set small goals :-  A common mistake most of us make is that we usually plan for whole season, which ultimately ends in a boring routine. So instead of making big targets, start setting weekly or fortnightly targets. It can be anything like running 4-5 KMs daily, losing particular amount of weight in 15 days or learning new yoga techniques. Making a smart plan with small and achievable goals is a great way to stay fit.



2) Pick a sport :- If you find working out in gym boring, then try playing instead. The best part of playing is that it doesn’t feel like working out and ends up in burning lots of calories. You should pick up a new sports, it will keep you excited and engaged. If you are living in a metro, you can also opt for swimming as there are lots of indoor temperature controlled swimming pools.



3) Be creative at home :- If you don’t want to go to gym or outside, you can stay active even at home. Best option is to do yoga at home. Also you can take new hobbies, indoor games like chess & carrom or new DIY projects. With internet in your hands you will end up learning many things while at home.



4) Find a partner :- Having a partner is best way to keep you motivated for this season. You both can turn a boring workout or a hobby into fun. You both can keep checking on each other’s goals and fitness.



5) Eat Healthy :- Winter is the best time to boost your immunity as lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits are available in market. Include fruits rich in vitamin C in your diet as it will not only keep the skin fresh and moisturized but will also help the body to fight cold and cough. Avoid heavy meals and sugary drinks as these will leave you sluggish and bloated.



6) Plan a vacation :- If you tend to lose your routine or get bored during all this, then take a vacation to recharge your body. But remember that it might be difficult to catch-up again with your plans when you return, so plan accordingly.



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