Hey everyone..:)

what do you do in summer break.. ??

You go to beach, enjoy water sports, you go to camping, you party, you devour the delicious food , develop new hobby, make crafts etc.. Summer break can be whatever you make of it. So make each day memorable by pursuing your interest. whether its getting organised, staying fit or socialising with friends, summer allows time for everyone to follow their passion.

Keeping in mind all these things i have decided to dedicate this month to write all about summer break. So here in this post i’m going to share my monthly schedule with you. Read on to find out how to make most out of your summer vacation.


After going through lots of options i decided to share some recipes which you can make easily and quickly while organising a little summer party at your home. Drinks are most important for any party so  I’ll start with some refreshing summer drinks ( refreshing combinations to get you through the season ) , then i’ll share recipes of some Quick and delicious summer salads (fresh, easy and pretty enough for a party), third place comes for desert, in which i’m going to share one of my favourite blueberry orange cupcake recipe.

Next thing that comes to my mind while i think of vacations is road trip, so after party snacks i’ll share some ideas and recipes for road trip snacks  ( healthy, tasty and home made treats to eat you on the road ).


Health and Beauty is the major concern while you travel because its very important to look and feel good. So here in my summer break special month I’ll share with you some of the best  “BEAUTY HACKS” I’ve learn over my years of travel. everything from pre-flight skincare to how to safely pack your products. Also we’ll have a post on tips to help you maintain your fitness routine,  your diet and rock a healthy vacation. After this i’ll share a list of some fresh fragrances to give you a jumpstart on summer. Then on International yoga day we’ll discuss about  benefits of  yoga in our daily life.


Summer break is the perfect time to refresh and revive your home. So in decor and diy you’ll get some tips to make your home more inviting to your friends and relatives. For this i’ll discuss how to use color and other design tricks to make your  wall look like a painting and how to use plants to bring life into your space.  followed by DIY of the month and then i’ll share with some finds of the month to make your home a better place.

Last but not the least i’ll end up with my travel story of the month.

I hope you’ll enjoy this month’s theme. So keep reading to make your summer break more exciting ,more productive and more memorable.

Stay happy, Stay beautiful.. 🙂

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