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Today i’m going to share my first post on Kerala visit. As you all know Kerala is one of the most popular destination in India. It is famous for its beaches, hills, waterfalls, wildlife, backwaters, house boats, ayurvedic treatment , spices etc… people from all over the world come to see this amazingly beautiful place. Kerala was always on my travel map and finally we decided to tick it covered on our list. There is a lot to see in Kerala but it is not possible to explore every place in one visit so we planned a 1 week trip¬†and try to cover most popular¬†places after reading lots of reviews from various travellers ( best way to plan any trip ).

We started our journey from Munnar, known as cream of GOD’S OWN COUNTRY. Munnar is famous for having some of the most beautiful Tea garden across the globe.We stay in munnar for 2 days, including our arrival from Ahmadabad to Cochin international airport and from there to Munnar. On our way to Munnar we stopped at three places to see cheeyapara waterfall, valra waterfall and ¬†spice garden and after that at about 5 pm we reach The FOG ( resort ). As we were tired enough to go anywhere else, so decided to take rest and enjoy the hospitality and yummy food of resort.

Next morning we woke up early and after completing our all morning rituals and having delicious breakfast we headed towards our first destination in munnar… Rose garden.


Rose Garden is about 13km from Munnar town and is famous for different varieties of roses and flowering plants. It was a feast to my eyes because garden was beautifully arranged with so many varieties of plants and flowers, also most of the plants are new to me. I personally like the place because i always love exploring different plants and flowers. If you are also interested in flora then this place is a must go for you it will hardly take 1-2 hour.


Before going here i heard a lot about this dam but this is just like any other dam in our country.. Large concrete structure used to conserve water for hydroelectricity. Looks like this place hasn’t developed at all for the tourist, Also there is no place to sit peacefully and enjoy the view. Only thing that i love about this place is its beautiful view for¬†taking some great photos.


Scream your name out loud at this place and it will reverberate back within 3 seconds! Echo Point is a beautiful combination of cool, sweet breeze, green slopes, and a rejuvenating environment altogether. You can do pedal boating here to take the full view of lake and green slopes.

After these 3 places i want to see something really amazing so i dropped the plan of top staion because our driver told us that apart from scenic view there was nothing in top station and also we can enjoy the same view in eravikullam national park. So we stop for lunch in Munnar town and after that we moved for the famous Tata tea museum now known as kanan devan tea museum.


After parking our vehicle we buy tickets from counter and as we enter the museum, we were greeted by a lots of pictures that tells the history of tea plantation in Munnar. Then we watch a 30-minutes video that talks in detail about how the British came to Munnar and how they established the tea estates. In another room, we see a lot of old type writers, phones, clocks, and calculators etc, which are older than hundred years. They also have a lot of old furniture used by the British people and several tea processing machines that were used in the factory several decades ago.


After that we moved in to the main plant where whole process is going on and their they show us how the whole tea production process works through a demo. Whole demonstration were given by the the coordinators present there and in last we taste different types of tea on the outlet present inside it. In last we buy some of their best products and tea for our friends, family and personal use.



Eravikullam National Park

Eravikullam national park is a sanctuary for the endangered mountain goats of South India ( Nilgiri Thar). Parking is at the bottom and that’s where you buy tickets. Your private vehicle is not allowed after this point and you have to cover rest of your journey in safari bus provided by Park. After waiting for about 15 min we get the last bus to Eravikullam Park. The journey to the park was a stunning drive with great view of mountains with huge rock and rest of the area covered in green..for me this is the most beautiful view of tea gardens. After we dropped off we walked up to the view point. It was very pleasant walk with a magnificent view of rajamalai ( Hill ) and other mountains. On the way the goats move very close to us. We try to capture the beauty of this Park but there is certain magic that you’d experience when you go there. My personal suggestion is try to cover this place in evening because evening has an amazing power of making any thing more beautiful.¬†

Overall it was a nice experience and I¬†enjoyed the beautiful weather and colors¬†of Munnar. If you are also planning to visit Munnar and want to ask any thing about the place and sightseeing options then be free to ask in the comments below. I¬†feel happy to help you.. ūüôā


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