Pasta is an Italian cuisine popular in almost every country. As pasta is available in ready to made packets, so very few people cook it by their own. I can bet with you that home-made pasta is more delicious and healthy then ready to made packets available in market.  As everyone has  their own style of making pasta, I love adding little Indian taste. Here I’m sharing my recipe of pasta in red and white sauce try this recipe at your home and enjoy its tangy taste.



Boiled pasta

Butter – 2 tbsp

Onion – 1 large [chopped]

Garlic paste – 1 tbsp

Capsicum – 1 cup [chopped]

Zucchini  –  1/2 cup [chopped]

Tomato pulp – 3 medium tomatoes

Tomato ketchup – 2 tbsp

Dry oregano – 1 tbsp

Red chilli flakes – 1 tbsp

Basil leaves –  7-8

Cheese [grated]



Butter – 1 tbsp

Plain floor – 1 tbsp

Milk – 1 cup



  • Take butter in a pan, when butter melts add plain floor and whisk them properly. Let it cook for few seconds, Once it changes color add milk. Keep whisking and bring it to boil, cook it till it becomes little thick and turn off the flame.
  • In another pan take 2 tbsp butter, add chopped onions. Cook for few seconds then add garlic paste. Stir till the raw aroma of garlic disappears and then add capsicum and zucchini (you can also add other vegetables of your choice). Let them cook for few seconds.
  • Now add tomato pulp (boil tomatoes for 6-7 minutes, peel off their skin and then churn them in mixer) and let it cook for 7-8 minutes.
  • Add some seasoning ingredients such as ketchup, dry oregano, fresh basil leaves and chilli flakes. Stir them properly and let them cook (If tomatoes become more dry then you can add little water). After that add white sauce and mix it properly.
  • Now add some cheese. Again if you want to liquefy it add little water so it coats the pasta properly. Add salt according to your taste and finally add boiled pasta and mix it properly.
  • Sprinkle some red chilli and finely chopped basil leaves and serve this pasta with garlic bread and enjoy.


While making white sauce keep continuously stirring to avoid lump formation


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