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Road trips can be exciting, fun and an inexpensive holiday. We go on so many trips both longer vacations and lots and lots of trips around Ahmadabad. I’ve found its always pays to pack at-least a few snacks to the trip because packing your own food give you control over what and when you eat and can save so much money. I also like the convenience of using out time for activities and not wasting it in lines for quick bites or hunting down a place we can all agree on.

In an ideal world, I would spend the days before our trip in the kitchen, cooking up a storm and creating lots of healthy, tasty, and homemade treats to eat on the road.

Yeah, not so much.

I always plan to do that, but the last week before a trip is full of hair cuts and oil changes and clothes shopping and packing and house cleaning and booking hotels and planning routes and exactly zero time to spend in the kitchen making muffins to eat on the interstate. So, I do the best I can, and search for lots of healthy, all-natural pre-made alternatives. Since we rarely eat this kind of pre-packaged food, it’s always a fun treat, and it saves me some serious pre-trip stress!

Some of my all-time favourite snacks to pack are:


Fresh fruit is always a great option for an on-the-go snack. For road trips, Grapes, sliced apples, and peeled oranges are all great options, as well, and we’ll often toss in a bunch of bananas for extra variety.


Fresh veggies aren’t everyone’s favourite snack, but packing a dip helps make them more appealing. Baby carrots and snap peas with individual hummus servings or celery sticks with individual peanut butter servings have made the cut.


Dried fruits are typically more expensive than their fresh counterparts, so we pack them in snack bags and dole them out more sparingly. Less expensive options are raisins and dried cranberries, but I happen to love to munch on dried mango, cherries and apricots with almonds.


Sealed sandwiches, like these Homemade Uncrustables Sandwiches, are perfect for a more substantial snack. I’m always surprised by how many of these I can go through in a trip, so make more than you think you’ll need!


A handful of nuts is a great source of protein, so I always pack a bag of almonds. We steer clear of the extra sodium by choosing unsalted, roasted almonds. Roasting them adds plenty of flavor, so you won’t even miss the salt! I always choose the store brand almonds for additional savings, and if I can’t find them already roasted, I just pop them in the oven to toast while I’m packing up other snacks.


Granola bars or energy bars, travel well. If you’re going for granola, chewy bars are less messy than their crunchy counterparts. If you want to try your hand at making your own, I recommend either no Bake Peanut Butter Bars or  crunchy  Granola Bars.



Prepackaged snacks  are certainly convenient, but you’ll pay a premium for that convenience. I prefer to purchase full size boxes of snacks that i love and then I spend a few minutes portioning them out into snack size Ziploc bags. We do the same with our favourite fruit and nut combinations. You still get all of the convenience at a much lower price.


Carry drinks such as water, coconut water, naturally sweetened sodas, coffee drinks , low sugar juice boxes etc to stay hydrated during your trip. Also carry these drinks in handy packaging and bottles to avoid spillage in the car.


I thought I’d pull together a list of all of my favorite healthy road trip snack ideas Hopefully, you’ll be able to find some goodies for your next journey !

Stay happy, Stay beautiful 🙂






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