Wayfarers, cat-eyes or aviators…. your shades define the way you look at the world.

Summer is in full swing and one of the most important aspect of any summer outfit is a cute pair of sunglasses. In summer everyday is a perfect excuse to go out and enjoy, however with all the sun exposure comes the need for protection from damaging UV rays. Sunglasses are great way to help your vision safe from damage and solidify your summer look. A perfect pair of sunglasses is an integral part of every man/women’s wardrobe.

Before buying sunglasses you’ll need to look at mainly two things, first how it looks and second what features/protection it provides. Here is a list of some top picks for sunglasses that will help you craft your style. Select and pep up your summer wardrobe with these cool shades.


  • AVIATOR SUNGLASSES   –   Aviators are great because they add a ‘rock star’ feel to any outfit. They have unisex appearance that suits almost everyone. They come in many colors and shapes, you really can’t go wrong with aviators and the classic look seems to be very much in VAGUE!




  • WAYFARER SUNGLASSES  –  Wayfarer style shades has a classic shape like the aviators and the best thing about these glasses is they look great on all face structure and you can pair it with anything and it won’t go out of style. Give a must try to these cool pair of sunglasses, this is the purchase you’ll never regret as it will never go out of fashion.





  • ROUND GLASSES –  To be honest these glasses are not for everyone but you can give it a try to see if it suits you. Round glasses are great if you are going for a quirky and out of the box look.

14_07_2015_5_39_34Actress Alia Bhatt Face Goggles Pic




  • CAT-EYES SUNGLASSES  –  This style is perfect if you’re going for a retro look, and is one of the most popular feminine style. These glasses are ideal for women with square or diamond face. It imparts a sophisticated, elegant and slightly exotic look to the wearer.



  • ROUND CAT-EYE SUNGLASSES  –  This is a perfect marriage between the round frame and cat-eye sunglasses. Most trending these days and this style is sure to rock the summer.sunglasses__8




  • MIRRORED LENSES  –  Mirrored lenses has made a huge appearance this summer. These lenses add a dimension of youthfulness, fun and surprise to one’s everyday wardrobe. Whatever frame shape you choose you’ll be able to find mirrored version that adds a little something extra.Mirror-wayfarers





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